Radar types: Würzburg, Naxos (exhibit),  Berlin, Lichtenstein (Li.SN2), Berlin Handbook, etc. (Archive displays)

Radar history: Hülsmeyer's 100 years anniversary, Chester W. Rice, and others, a comprehensive survey,(Radar I & II)

Radar: ECM and ECCM technologies, deployed in Germany, during WW II  (Deckname Würzburg), Rehbock

Radar: secundary, (Naxos)

Wireless and wire linked communications (transmitters, receivers, carrier-telephony and that like)
U-boat communications, HF/DF (Huff/Duff), U-boat wireless (radio) equipment, Goliath transmitter, (Archive displays), Naval transceiver, Funk-Horch receiver (archive displays),

Three Huff Duff operators shared some of their wartime expeiences (versus the U-boat treat)

HF/DF versus U-boat operations during the ONS 5 battle. Based on bearings taken by HMS Pelican

Navigational aids: such as, Knickebein and Y-Verfahren, Mischgerät, "V 2's" analog computer

Sonar: Group Listening Apparatus (GHG)

Enigma and G-schreiber, related technology: (Archive displays), Web links

Production engineering, also regarding its economical and historical context

Companies considered: AEG, C. Lorenz AG, Siemens & Halske, Telefunken

Measurement technology: Otto Wolff, Hartmann & Braun, Siemens & Halske (exibits), Kipp & Zn Delft, Cambridge (UK),  Weston, Kelvin, LGW (S&H), (various Archive displays), BCD counters(1940-1945),

Patents is our chief concern

Precision measurements aspects (Kootwijk Event)

Quartz crystal, measurements, technology and theory, including luminous quartz phenomena, quartz-clock CFQ, quartz-clock of the PTR

Kootwijk-Radio archives, the famous Dutch wireless link with Dutch East-Indies

Kootwijk archives remaining (II)(Telefunken transmitter valves), (Archive displays)

Malabar-Kootwijk radio links, based on Klaas Dijkstra's comprehensive recollections (Dutch language)


Late Hans Widdel paper archives (obtained in 1999). Due to be registered

Web links recommended (in progress)


Dielectrics: such as ceramics (Hescho) and polystyrene, mipolam (IG Farben) and that like

Die castings: Mahle, Nural


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