Funkpeilung als alliierte Waffe gegen deutsche U-Boote 1939 - 1945

Huff Duff versus German U-boat wireless communications 1939-1945

Chapter 7.4

By Arthur O. Bauer

(pdf)(German language translation, Heinz lissok)

Some aspects of bearings taken by HMS Pelican during the key battle of the Atlantic,   May 1943  (pdf)(German language)
Bearings taken between 5/5/43 hour 0038 and 6/5/43 hour 2218.

German U-boats attacked convoy ONS 5 with 41 submarines. It looked firstly, that they again could win this battle as they sunk, within two days, 11 ships. However, within a few hours the Allies killed later 5 U-boats. This forced Dnitz (Doenitz) to withdraw this main submarine forces from Atlantic operations. From this point onwards, the great menace of the German U-boats was diminished. They never could really threaten Allied supply routes again.

B.d.U., Huff-Duff operators, wireless communications, Dnitz, FH 3, FH 4, series II, HMS Duncan, Bbar, WW, Bodenwelle, Naval Enigma, , frequencies used during these operations, M.F.S., F.d.U., Bark, JX, DA, RX, Lorient, NE, Berlin Control, ADM 223/6

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