Funkpeilung als alliierte Waffe gegen deutsche U-Boote 1939 - 1945

Huff Duff versus German U-boat wireless communications 1939-1945

Die Funkausrüstung der U-Boote
Chapter 4
By Arthur O. Bauer
German translation Heinz Lissok

(pdf, 1.1 MB)(German language)

One weak point of the German U-boat organisation was, that the Commanding Organisation (B.d.U.) kept a very tight contact with their operating U-boats. The only way to maintain this was, to communicate by means of wireless. The Allies exploited this weakness and we may say, that most U-boats lost were mainly due to wireless interceptions.  Notwithstanding, that radar was increasingly gaining significance.

From the technical perspective is it interesting, to look into the technical aspects of the employed systems.

To understand the German technical implications, one could also consider my recent contribution at the Bletchley Park 2004 Conference (28-30 June)(IEEE).

The German Navy wireless organization used Lorenz systems mainly onboard surface vessels and Telefunken apparatus (receivers and transmitters) in their submarines.

Lorenz, Telefunken, Elektron, Hescho, R&S, S 406 S2/36, T 200 FK 39, U 889, Typ IX C, Lo 40 K 39, E 381 S, E 437 S, B.d.U, Köln, Main

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