Funkpeilung als alliierte Waffe gegen deutsche U-Boote 1939 - 1945

Huff Duff versus German U-boat wireless communications 1939-1945

Chapter 7

Huff-Duff operator recollections
Alfred T. Collet
Oliver Nelson
Derek Wellman

(pdf)(German language)

These three men had been very kind to contribute (share) their wartime experience in this publication. They all had been involved in escorting convoys during the dangerous supply routes to Murmansk, which has an ice free port in the northern part of Russia (Kola Peninsula). This route was only operational during winter time, as during the summer period it never gets dark in arctic areas (and consequently, the Germans could too easily strike these slow ships).

H.M.S. Onslow, H.M.S. Goodson, U-Boot-Jäger, U-boat hunters, FH 3, FH 4, watch Donald MacIntryre, box search, switch procedure, Escort, ONS 233, HX 122, WW, weather messages, Wettermeldungen, TBS, H.M.S. Vindex, U 736, B-bar, ßß, U 894, H.M.S. Whitehall, JW 39, Loch Ewe, Admiralty, ORD TEL (S), BNÄ, Narvik, Trondheim, Enigma, Chief Yeoman of signals

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