This page shows some exhibits of our, due to be digitized, registration-forms.

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1994001T    M1K = AS60, magnificent transmitter, purchased by the Swiss Army 1943/44

1994002        MÜG. Marine (Morse-Übungsgerät) (Kriegsmarine 1940/1942)

1995001W    ANG 62, Würzburg (Wuerzburg) radar display

1995002W    EAG 62, Würzburg (Wuerzburg) fine range measuring unit

1995003W    SÜ 62d, Würzburg (Wuerzburg) transmitter and receiver head (TX and RX)

1995004W    IG 62, Würzburg (Wuerzburg) impulsmodulator

1995005W    ZFV 62A, Würzburg (Wuerzburg) IF amplifier stage



1996001    FB11, Funkbeschicker, Patin, navigation,  see also archive displays

1996002P    PT 10, Prüftafel 10, Test frame(set) FuG 10

1996003    EO509/III, Lorenz universal receiver 14,7 - 21430 kHz see also archive displays


1997001    FuHE f (FuHE-f), Funkhorch, see also archive displays

1997002N    Naxos, FuG 350Z, polyrod, dielektrischer Stiehstrahler, secondary radar


1998004T    Tonschreiber b1 (taperecorder, 1944)

1999001        Mischgerät, programmable analog computer of the German  "V 2" (=A4), see also archive displays

1999002K    Knickebein FuG28a (Fu G28a) Ln28900, Battle of Britain device, see also archive displays

1999005    Tonfrequenz-Spektrometer, LF spectrum-analyzer, Rel.mse.2030a, Siemens&Halske


2004001B    Berlin radar display, Sichtgeraet, SG 224, FuG 224

2005001        Brown Microphone Amplifier

2005002        Cambridge Type: Campbell-Vibration Galvanometer (Schering vibration devices)


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