Quartz-clock type CFQ (Quarzuhr und Normalfrequenz-Generator), made by R&S

Worlds first portable quartz clock and frequency standard

Based on my year 2000 paper:

Some aspects of precision time measurements, controlled by means of piezo‑electric‑vibrators, as deployed in Germany prior to 1950


Arthur O. Bauer


This paper describes the quartz‑clocks designed by the German Bureau of Standards (due to be published soon on this website) and the revolutionary quartz‑clock invented by Rohde and Leonardt, of the Rohde and Schwarz company, in 1937 (then known as: PTE  Dr. Rohde & Dr. Schwarz).


CFQ, PTR, GR, patent DE691848, tuning fork, tuning fork control, R&S, quartz clock, Quarzuhr, Rohde, Leonardt


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