Radio Malabar

Herinneringen aan een boeiende tijd 1914 - 1945


Herinneringen aan een 30 jarige radioloopbaan

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Dijkstra's recollections are most comprehensive.

He served from late 1920 up to 1945 in Dutch East-Indies (now Indonesia)

His first radio engagement (in Dutch-Indies) started at Malabar. He constructed, for instance, the magnetic-coil (10 tons) for Dr de Groot's famous 2400 kW Poulsen type transmitter. He was also engaged in several engineering projects at Malabar and at the Radio-Laboratory in Bandung.

In this respect, he must be regarded a first hand eye-witness!

In post war years Dijkstra made a kind of CV in which he, briefly, explains his radio career (in Dutch language).  (pdf, 33 kB only!)

These contributions are based on documents kept in Dijkstra's family archive.


Malabar, Dr de Groot, Einthoven, Poulsen transmitter, Koomans, Kootwijk

Klaas Dijkstra spent some weeks, on behalf of the Dutch East-Indies PTT, in the electronics lab. (studying the state of affairs of transmitter technology) at the Technische Hogeschool Delft (now TU-Delft), in 1927.  

Klaas Dijkstra after 1935

Dijkstra's, briefed, curriculum vitae


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