Telefunken transmitter valves (tubes)
Data sheets (Datenblätter) available in the Kootwijk archives
Commercial Telefunken transmitter "RS type" valves, 1920 - 1939

These data sheets provide all necessary information for commercial customers.
According these sheets: copying is permitted with source reference, “Nachdruck nur mit Quellenangabe gestattet”.


Key types:

RS15; RS18; RS19; RS31g; RS47; RS55; RS69g

RS207; RS212; RS214g; RS215; RS217; RS235; RS237

RS241; RS242; RS242Spez; RS243; RS245; RS247; RS248

RS249; RS250g; RS253; RS254; RS255; RS257g

RS260; RS261; RS262; RS266; RS272; RS276; RS277

RS282; RS283A; RS284; RS285

RS287; RS288; RS289; RS289Spez; RS290; RS291

RS301; RS315; RS329; RS331; RS337

RS351; RS366; RS377; RS384

RS389; RS391; RS393

RS 394

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