PDF, how to approach it for keywords effectively.

On our website we distinguish between two kinds of PDF documents, the searchable and none searchable ones.

The latter files are being based upon scanned documents, which cannot be approached for keywords.

We have converted the first kinds of files from Word, Access, WordPerfect or comparable formats into a PDF document (due to an ingenious procedure omitting one the shortcomings of MS), providing searching inside documents.

How to approach it. (List of traceable PDF documents is available at the end of this page)

Select the document you want to look at (for this occasion, I have selected "Naxox95nw pdf"). Your Acrobat reader will open automatically.

Select, as shown below, the binocular button (icon) for a search command (zoeken).

We go now to the search field on the right-hand side (welk woord of woordgroep wilt u zoeken?) I have entered, for this occasion, the word "Mallach".

The search (zoeken) command will provide:

Shown is, that "Mallach"  has been traced six times. The cursor has jumped to the first reference found in the document.


Brief list of our traceable PDF documents:

Abwehr wireless;  CFQ quartz-clockDas neue Patentgesetz (the full document is in PDF);   Duesseldorf talk '06 ExhibitsHohentwiel FuG200, Hans Jucker;  German electronic engineering in the 1930sLine communications;  Navigational aidsNVK research;  Naxos Patents (Selection of German documents);  PTR quartz-clockRadar I;  Radar IIRadar test-gear;  Sonar-GHG;  Synospis (IEEE document);  Thyratron, The evolution of Hydrogen Thyratron; Subject reference dbase, Lichtenstein radars,


Searching, for instance, in the PDF patent dbase can be commenced in the same manner. One difficulty might be, that it has been created in three different languages (it never was supposed to appear on this website). One can enter terms such as: Marconi, Telefunken, S&H (=Siemens), (C.Lorenz=Standard Elektrik Lorenz=SEL), Radar, Benito, Coherer(=Fritter), Funkpeil(=DF), Navigation, Hülsmeyer or that like. Röhre is the German word for valve or tube.


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