Telefunken valves (tubes) part 2 (in progress)
Low and medium power applications

Nachdruck nur mit Quellenangabe gestattet (= Telefunken)
Copying permitted only with mentioning the source (= Telefunken)



Data on series:

RG44, RG45, RG46, RG48, RG49, RG52, RG62, RG63, RG64, RG221

RGQZ1,4/04, RGQ7,5/06, RGQ7,5/2,5, RGQ10/4, RGQ10/6, RGQ20/5, RGQ20/10, RSQ7,5/06, RSQ7,5/2,5, RSQ15/5, RSQ15/10, RSQ15/40

RL4,8P15, RL4,2P40

Power valves:
RV25, RV216, RV209, RV210, RV230, RV239, RV246, RV258, RV272, RV271, RV271A, RV278, RV330A, RV335, RV2300, RV2500

So-called “Wehrmachtröhren” (= valves = tubes); state of affairs of September 1944:
RV12P2000, RV12P2001, RV12P3000, RV12P4000, RV12H300, RL12T1, RL12T2, RL12T15, RL12P10, RL12P35, RL12P50, RG12D2, RG12D3, RG12D60, RG12D300, Battery valves: RV2P800, RL2T2, RL2P3, RG2D1, RV2,4P45, RV2,4P700, RV2,4P701, RV2,4P1400, RV2,4H300, RV2,4T3, RL2,4T4, RL2,4P3, RG2,4D1, RG2,4D10, RL4,2P6, RL4,8P15
LD1, LD2, LD5, LD15, LG1, LG3, LG4, LG7, LG9, LG12, LS1, LS2, LS3, LS30, LS50, LV1, LV3, LV4, LV5
Spezialröhren (= special valve types):
NF2, NF4, MF2, MF6 (= RV2P700), MC1, SA100, SA101, SA102, SD1A, SF1A, AC100, AC101, AD100, AD101, AD102, RV210, AF100, AH100, RV209, SA1
Magnetfeldröhren (= split-anode-magnetron types):
MS50/14R, RD4Ma, RD2Mc, RD2Md, RD2Md2, RD2Mh

Data sheet of the (split-anode) Magnetron type: MV50/25

Various valve data sheets on:
AC100/101, AD100/101, AD102, AH100, MC1, MF2, NF2, NF3, NF4, RG12D2, RL12P10, RL12T1, RV2P700 (= MF6), RV2P800, RV12P2000, RV12P2001, RV12P4000, SD1A


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