Transcript (partially) of a war diary (KTB):

"Kriegstagebuch" and "Wochenbericht" of the "Chef TLR (Technische Luftrüstung)". According to my knowledge, his position was in-between Speer’s ministry of armament, the Oberkommando der Luftwaffe and the Wehrmacht.


I have decided to put some contents of this "War Diary" on our website, because of its historical significance.

My choice is, to show: the considerations at German wartime decision making level, also the context in which these events took place. Production figures and broader side information, completes the overall picture.


Chef-TLR must have been informed to all military and commercial material available in the Third Reich. His knowledge was far beyond the state of most other leading German personalities. He knew all basic data of German war industry and was highly acquainted with what was going on at the Allied side too. Most production figures give, even today, an unprecedented inside vision on what was the state of their affairs in late 1944 up to 4 April 1945 (this data was of most restricted nature).

My selection covers the time-frame of 13 December 1944 up to 4 April 1945, when Germany’s military power was due to collapse (disintegrate totally).

I have not changed the grammatical inconsistencies, like the use of: instead of ß. Question marks (?) are being used, when the text is unreadable.

The first pages of this war diary, are being inflicted by paper burnings. I will try to explain, as far as possible, the abbreviations used, which were, however, commonsense at this level of German decision making.

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Part 1: 13.12.44 - 27.12.1944

Part 2: 27.12.1944 - 7.1.1945

Part 3: 7.1 1945 - 21.1.1945

Part 4: 21.1.1945 - 4.2.1945

Part 5: 4.2.1945 - 19.2.1945

Part 6: 19.2.1945 - 5.3.1945

Part 7: 5.3.1945 - 16.3.1945

Part 8: 16.3.1945 - 4.4.1945