Mike Moscoe, was so kind permitting me to copy his comments on these German wartime intelligence figures. Whose discernment, considering the circumstances, weren't too much far-off reality.  


/I don't have access to information on Bomber production, though I'll bet this estimate is on the low side. As for the fighters, I do have a good source on them, and he is lowballing US production.

My reference is America's hundred Thousand, US Production Fighters of WW II, by Francis H. Dean. See the fighter production table on page 71-72*


Die Dezember-Ausbringung wird auf ?? Motor-Flugzeuge geschätzt 1300 4?? Kampfflugzeuge (200 - 250 B29 und 100 B32) und etwa 2600 - 2600 Jagdflugzeuge (375 P-47, 400 P-51, 400 P-38, 60 P-59, 100 P-61)

*I have no German skills, but if this is December production, here's the US numbers. 644 P-47, 720 P-51, 300 P-38, no data on P-59's.


/*Ausbringung im Januar 1945 wird auf 7000 Motorflugzeuge geschätzt. Darin enthalten 1300 - 1350 4 mot. Kampfflugzeuge (darunter etwa 250 B-29 und 150 B-32) und 2500 - 2600 Jagdflugzeuge (darunter etwa 350 P-47, 400 P-51, 400 P-38, 80 P-59 und 100 P-61).

*/ He guessed better in January, 1945, we were already cutting back on production. 480 P-47's, P-38's 301. P-51's don't have a monthly total, but the annual total for 1945 was 6,103. And that was surely heavily weighted towards the early part of the year. I'd bet P-51 production was over 700.

Anyway, I'd say he's just making guesses, and low guesses at that which won't upset his superiors too much.

Mike Moscoe


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