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Selection of German Patents (DE)

up to series DE999,999

Dbase, being in progress

Last update: 4 December 2006

(Mixed language, pdf)


These files are based upon our archives dbase, which still is in progress. The aim is, to create a database of interesting patents. It does not claim, however, to be comprehensive, but it is used as a quick patent number reference.

German patents are known since mid 1950s: DExxx. Up to that period they carried:

D.R.P. xxx (Deutsches Reichspatent).


* The discovery (February 2006) of, until very recently, lost patent files (marked formally "not available"), passes a very strong indication, that the Allies, shortly after the end of the continental hostilities, may have manipulated the existence of these kinds of patent documents. Many of these carry a special stamp: Micro Filmed By FIAT. I have earmarked them with an additional suffix "ap" (DExxxxxap) (please omit this suffix "ap", when you apply for patent files on the web) . We may be lucky, that these documents (partly being hand written) give us an inside vision as to how German patent applications were handled.

Only the German "depatisnet" can provide these documents. The European patent database still is showing negative results.

For those searching in patent libraries, patents are to be entered like: DE123456, US1234567, GB123456, ...

We have, however, prevented the downside of successive numbering, and have add the number zero, as to hold a six-digit mantissa.

If you would like to search inside this pdf document, please consider the instructions.

Some keywords:

Oliver Lodge, Nipkow, Lee de Forest, Ferdinand Braun, Hülsmeyer Huelsmeyer, Slaby, Arco, Marconi, Pupin, Dieselhorst, Otto Bronk (Otto von Bronk), Arthur Wehnelt, Schlömilch, R. von Lieben, Otto Scheller, Reisz-Lieben, E. von Lepel, Elac, Graf von Soden, Schüller (Schueller), Schuller, Habann, Löwy, L. Levy (France), Pfleumer, Schellhoß Schellhoss, D.S. Loewe, Loewe, Stabilovolt, Stemag-Kahla, Hollmann, Neumann, BPW Berlin, K. Heegner, Carl Zeiss Gerber?, Turmalin, Schröter, Steimel, Telefunken, C.Lorenz, Siemens & Halske (S&H), AEG, Gutton (France), Vogt Massolle Engl, Hollmann, Kahla,  Lothar Rohde, Otto Groos, Ernst Kramar, Goldmann, Urtel, Runge, Hescho, Flechsig, Georg Weiss, Troost, Neumann, Braunmühl, Weber, Bechmann, Kaschke, Securitas Koch, Huth, Eberhard, Kawan, Rice, RCA, Varian, Lohmann, Bernhard Bernhardine or Bonito (Benito), Hermine or Herminion, Klöpfer, Sumpf (stealth), Schlüsselzusatz (C.Lorenz), Talking beacon (Navigation), FuG62, FuG65, Würzburg Wuerzburg (Wurzburg), Max Steenbeck, Matthias, Schallband-Syndikat, Dißler, Paschke, Dust core, Eisenpulver, Moser, Herbert Schmidt, Stepp, Wachter,  Zemda(Zemla?), Schottky, Barkhausen-Kurz, Handrek, Köln E52 (E 52), Suchlauf, T200FK39, (T 200 FK 39), SAM, Consol (Sonne), Elektra Sonne, Scheiben Röhre (Roehre), Koaxial Röhre, Keramik Röhre Ceramic vale (tube), Rehbock (artificial radar target) based on delayline transsponder technology, Gyro Compass Kreiselkompass, Krachtöter (Köln E52a E 52a), Sigmund Strauss, Bellini Tosi, CHF Müller C.H.F. Mueller, Elektron (die cast), S&S SSW Siemens Schuckert, Fernseh AG (GmbH), Knoll, Hollerith, Pintsch, Erbslöh, Gema, Vacha, SZ40/42 (SZ 40 / 42), Drehfunkfeuer, LG12 (LG 12), LV13 (LV 13), Napfröhre (Lorenz Röhre), Wullenweber (Wullenwever) Antenne, FuG16 (FuG 16), IG62 (IG 62 Igel Würzburg Tast-Gerät), Liechtenstein SN2 (Pawsey balun), Mannheim FuG64, FuG200 künstliches Ziel, Bali antenne, TS6 (TS 6) (TS60) Heizfaden filament, Bo Weitverkehrsröhre (Poströhre, Reflex circuitry (Reflexschaltung Otto von Bronk), Nymphe (Nympfe) artificial target of Berlin radar,  ..

Subject categories can be, for instance: HF/DF or Funkpeil; Funkmeß or Radar; Navigation or Beacon; Antenne or Antenna; Röhre represents valves or tubes (sometimes even only Rö, due to lack of space); Keramik or Ceramic; Mikrophon or Microphone (Mikrofon); Telefon or Telephone, Gschreiber or Geheimschreiber; Fritter Koherer or Coherer; IR or Infra red (Ultra Rot); Quarz is better than Quartz; FS or TV; Koaxial or Coax; Kabel; Cyclotron, Nullode; Wellenschalter - Trommelschalter; Tonband; Eichmaschine; Goniometer; Conical scan Pencil beam;  Magnetron; Cavity; Speicher; .....


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