Selection of interesting FIAT - CIOS and BIOS reports (update 31 March 2006)

B.I.O.S. = British Intelligence Objective Sub-Committee (shown below)

B.I.O.S. MISCELLANEOUS = Mixture of various BIOS topics (shown very below)

C.I.O.S. = Combined Intelligence Objectives Sub-Committee  

F.I.A.T. = Field Information Agency Technical (United States Group Control for Germany)

These remarkable papers had been made between 1944 and about 1949

FIAT and CIOS reports were both based on joined British - American investigations, covering German Science and Industrial Institutions. It covers a very wide variety of subjects. I have selected the ones that should have significance regarding the objectives of our Foundation. Consequently, it does not claim to be complete and the selection has been my personal choice.

Some papers consist of five pages only, whereas other reports may have several hundred pages.

Subject details can be found in my quick: Subject reference dbase (pdf 1.5 MB)

This keyword dbase reflects my personal digital archive (17700 lines, 425 pages). It was started in 1986 though, it was never intended to be consulted by others. Owing to this, it grew step by step over the years, and  I used three different languages occasionally (Dutch, German and English). However, all what is worth to be remembered can be found in this dbase, by simply entering a keyword. To show only relevant data at a single page (instead of jumping between page sections), I had to omit our archive reference data. One may enter, for instance, bios, cios, fiat, ... . Please notice, that this dbase grew organically, and keyword references may be scattered! All keywords stored will pop-up (being marked). It is also possible, to enter any keyword you like. It might be necessary, when you can't get a hit, to select: surging in parts of a word, and give it a try again.

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BIOS (shown below)

BIOS Miscellaneous (shown very below)


)* After this document was declassified, parts of the text had been made un-readable. Auer Gesellschaft had been engaged in Germany's Uranium Oxide production. The Americans layed their hands on some quantities of this material (as did the Russians), which they have used for their early atomic bombs dropped over Japan in 1945. These circumstances only became common knowledge after several decades had past.

)** Meant is the V1


BIOS Miscellaneous Reports



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