Funk Horch Empfänger (receiver) type: FuHE f


Inside view of the receiver. The module on the left-hand side is the combined calibrator-BFO generator, which is quartz controlled at 16.5 MHz.


BFO/calibrator module being removed. Clearly visible are the two coaxial connectors. One (on the right) for the BFO signal fed onto the IF module, and the second one, on the left, for injecting harmonics of the 16.5 MHz quartz crystal onto the front-end of the receiver. Also visible are, the quite modern “edge”connectors.


For this occasion the IF/detector module has been pulled out


The RF (front-end) stage of this receiver has been constructed very sophisticated. The acorn valves (tubes) are mounted in a kind of plugin unit. It has several functions: so as to screen off the in and output of the (amplifier or mixer) stage. Secondly, the metal frame of the module, together with its mica dielectrics, acts as “suppressing or blocking” circuitry. The 16.5 MHz quartz cristal holder is visible through the elliptical window in front.


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