Radio Mentor

Einheits-Fernseh-Empfänger E 1
By Rolf Wigand

Heft 8, August 1939

pages 320-321

Heft 6, June 1941

pages 262 - 268

(German language, pdf)

This “Volks-TV set” was introduced at the Berlin Radio Fair (Funkaustellung) of August 1939, just at the brink of World War Two. It, actually, never conceived mass-production.

According to this article, German industry focussed on a production volume of 10,000 sets, at a customer price of 650 RM (Reichsmarks). More or less, two or three times the price of a good quality broadcast receiver. Which expense may be regarded to be very competitive.

It was a joined design of: Fernseh AG; Radio AG. D. Loewe; C. Lorenz AG; TeKaDe and Telefunken.

Valves (tubes) used:
EF14, ES111, ECH11, EZ11, EF11, EBF11, RFG5. The Deflection power valve was used in both the "frame" and "line" stages.

Very revolutionary was, that it employed a rectangular cathode ray tube (CRT), which was in early TV days a very rare device. Most TV CRTs in post war years in both UK and the US still employed circular picture screens.

Consider also the 1941 circuit description.


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