Köln (Koeln) E 52 releated topics.


Shown here is a Köln E52a

The Köln receiver, may be regarded to be a milestone receiver project (Telefunken 1939 - 1943). I have dealt with it already on different occasions (consider the list of links). This page will link you to all related information available on this website. I am dedicated to this subject since the end of the 1960s.

Patents related to Köln design have, to my knowledge, not attracted interest of technology historians. I have been engaged in patent research since more than a decade, and came across very rare patent information, greatly thanks to my friend Tom Going.

My opinion is, that nothing comparable has been produced in the entire world during 1939-1945. One may regard that it was a too expensive (and complicated) artefact, though, from the engineering perspective, it was a great technical achievement. And, it still is a wanted collectors item.




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