Radio Mentor

Die Frequenz-Modulation nach Armstrong
(FM modulation (broadcasting) after Armstrong)

Heft 8, August 1939
page 304

Stand der Frequenzmodulation in USA
(State of affairs of US FM broadcasting service)

Heft 10, Oktober 1941
page 461

(German language, pdf)


FM techniques had been widely discussed in pre- and wartime years. The Germans called it, in post war years, UKW (Ultakurzwelle = Ultra Shortwave) Rundfunk. Due to post war circumstances, initiated by the results of the Copenhagen Radio Conference, got the Germans the least favourable (remaining) radio frequencies, by which they were unable to provide an adequate coverage of German territory. Therefore, they were forced to consider FM (UKW) broadcasting, as no one had put forward any claims in to this direction. About 1949 they started systematically building FM stations. By mid 1950s nearly all Germans had access to FM broadcasting. The British by then had not even decided whether they would utilize FM or AM modulation on their future VHF broadcasting network.


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