Some Aspects of German Airborne Radar Technology, 1942 to 1945

A paper contribution to the Autumn DEHS Symposium at Shrivenham (UK), on 19 October 2006

by Arthur O. Bauer

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I have approached this paper in view of the fact that our website covers a wide range of technical (radar) information. I have decided, to make this contribution, more or less, complemental to what can be found on our website (links are provided when appropriate). This procedure allows me to go into interesting subject details which normally cannot be dealt with.



Arbeitsgemeinschaft Rotterdam, AGR, Lichtenstein radar type b/c and SN2, FuG202 b/c (FuG 202), FuG220 SN2 (FuG 220), Trenngerät 220 T/R switch 220 of FuG220, Flensburg FuG227, Naxos FuMB28, Naxos ZM4, AU202, AE202, beam steering, radar displays, some examples of radar display presentation, Berlin radar FuG224, Berlin FuG224 schematic diagram Blockschaltbild Wirkplan, Polyrod antenna, Dielektrische (Stiehl)Strahler, Impedance match of the Berlin antenna array, circuit of Rd2,4Md the first local oscillator (LO) of Berlin FuG224; Passive systems: Flensburg 227 principle diagram and explanation, Flensburg 227 display example, Naxos antenna ZM290M (ZM 290M), interception range of Naxos FuG350Zc (FuG 350 Zc)


Please consider also: Hans Jucker's paper on Lichtenstein b/c and SN2, which paper is complemental to my German airborne paper (AOB)

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